The Goodnow Public Library has developed a reputation as a top-notch community resource with strong community support. A good reputation and support from the community are the result of selfless effort, generosity, and good leadership. That combination of qualities describes Alice Levine who has worked tirelessly on behalf of several town organizations to expand horizons and enrich the lives of children and adults in body, mind and spirit.
In my experience, Alice Levine is one of the most engaged residents of Sudbury, having given time and talent to the Haynes School PTA, Greenwood Swim and Tennis, LSRHS Speech & Debate Team, Senior Class Party (Jamaica Jammin’), LS Scholarship Committee, Friends of Music and, of course, to the Friends of the Goodnow Library.
The Friends of the Goodnow Library, established in 1988, is an all-volunteer organization which has raised and contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars for programming at the Goodnow Library. Their fundraising has been used to purchase the drive-by book drop box outside the library and to pay for passes to 16 area museums, author programs, and summer reading programs for teens, adults, and children.
While charitable funding for the library is their most visible function, membership in the Friends is the heart of who they are and what they do. It has long been a source of community pride to be a member of the Friends, as it strengthens the library, a beloved Sudbury institution. The hundreds of members of the Friends know they are on common ground with their neighbors, and have been generous in their support.
Alice Levine, as President of the Friends of the Goodnow Library, has overseen an increase in membership and financial support for library programs while enhancing community awareness of the Friends’ work, creating a structured budgeting process, and standardizing the Friends’ systems for running book sales, events and programs. The Friends are able to direct their support where it is most needed.
Friends groups exist exclusively to support their namesake organization. That is why, when the Library Board of Trustees decided to sever its relationship with the Friends last year, and forfeit the financial support and goodwill that had long enriched the library, it was such a stunning decision. Never before in Sudbury had generosity been rejected.
It is never too late to recognize and correct a mistake. Continued alienation between the Trustees and the Friends benefits no one, and hurts us all.
As a Friend, Alice Levine demonstrated her commitment to supporting and improving the library. As a Library Trustee Alice will continue that noble mission.
It is time to bring the library back to the people of Sudbury and reestablish the community spirit that made us proud of the Goodnow Library. That is why I am voting for Alice Levine. Please join me.
Len Simon
Meadowbrook Circle


I am a retired fifteen year employee of the Goodnow Library and thirty-five year resident of Sudbury. Working in the Children’s Room was always a joyous experience interacting with babies and kids and families on Music Maker Mondays, PJ Storytime, Lego Club for older kids and simply helping patrons find books.

What doesn’t give me joy is the fact that the Friends of the Goodnow Library were voted out of the library a year ago. In my years as a Goodnow employee, I saw first-hand the Friends’ loyal commitment of time, energy and labor and how that translated into wonderful programs for all ages. That is why I am voting for the candidates who express a strong commitment to reuniting the Friends of the Library with the Goodnow Library. The longer the rift goes on, the harder it will be to heal. After viewing the excellent and informative League of Women Voters Candidate Forum, I feel the two candidates who share that commitment are Tim Anderson and Alice Levine. I encourage everyone to check out the candidate responses to a wide range of questions in the LWV Forum on SudburyTV.

Why does reuniting matter? The Goodnow Library represents a big tent. The larger the number of community stakeholders who support the Library, the greater the sustained enrichment of the Library. The Goodnow Library had been blessed to have two fundraising groups. The Goodnow Library Foundation (GLF) raises funds to create an endowment and to fund capital projects. The Friends of the Library are a grassroots organization whose many donors and volunteers supported library programming. When you donated to the Friends, virtually every penny went to library programming. When you donate to the GLF, your donation goes to capital projects but also toward significant expenses involved with capital fundraising. Severing the relationship with the Friends has the effect of cutting off full community participation in support of the Library, shrinking our Goodnow tent.

It’s been noted that the relationship between the Friends and the Goodnow Library wasn’t working. We need to elect the candidates who will come to the process with an open mind, an ability to listen and who will be committed to forging a new working relationship between the Friends and the Library. As Tim Anderson said in the LWV’s forum, each party should come to the table with no preconditions, beginning essentially with a blank piece of paper; for Tim the “key requirement” in the negotiation process is for each party to “assume good intentions” of the other party. Surely in our small town of Sudbury, two groups who have the very same goals of supporting our beloved library can come together and reach agreement. If we cannot heal this rift, what does it say about us as a community? Join me in voting for Tim Anderson and Alice Levine on March 28.

Joyce Kamsler, Sudbury

Support Levine For Goodnow Library Board

I am writing this letter to encourage everyone to vote for Alice Levine for a position on the Goodnow Library Board of Trustees on March 28.

I’ve known Alice for 15 years. With Alice on the Library Board of Trustees we will be electing a creative, committed, and conscientious leader to the Board. These are the qualities the Board needs and these are the qualities that Alice has expressed in her history of contributions to the Sudbury community.

Alice has contributed to Sudbury through her creative involvement with the schools; anyone ever hear of Jamaica Jammin’, our Senior Safe Night for graduating L.S. Seniors? That was introduced by Alice. Anyone whose child participated in the L.S. Speech and Debate Team? That was begun by Alice. Ever go to the First Parish Harvest Craft Fair? This juried event was co-chaired for 10 years by Alice. What is that group that decorates the town center, sponsors gardening programs, contributed and planted and tended a number of the traffic island gardens in town? That is the Thursday Garden Club, an organization that Alice has been President of for two terms and held other offices in as well.

Alice has led the Friends of the Goodnow Library at the members’ request for the last seven years. The Friends organization is a fundraising non-profit that is community based. The Friends communicate with its members and donors and follow their guidance in the ways it supports the Goodnow Library. The Friends function is to support the programs at the library and the extras, such as museum passes and movie licenses that create enriching opportunities for the Sudbury community.

When Alice assumed the role of President, she created a structured budgeting process in keeping with their non-profit responsibilities as a 501 c3 organization. Under her leadership, the Friends refined its systems for running our book sales, events, and programs. The Friends also made a point of encouraging greater community participation in library activities and volunteer opportunities through the Friends.

Alice will be a terrific asset to the Goodnow Library Board of Trustees. Her creative approach to problem solving, her commitment to representing the Sudbury community and her conscientiousness to create successful solutions that work for all involved, are what Sudbury needs for the Library Board of Trustees.

—Claudia Brandon, Sudbury

Tim Anderson Supports Alice Levine for Goodnow Library Trustee

We all get to vote for two people for the Goodnow Library board, and one of my votes will go to Alice Levine.

I haven’t known Alice very long in person, but it turns out that I’ve known her work since we came to Sudbury in 1996; her many efforts to improve Sudbury are still bearing fruit. She helped innovate the L-S graduation party, Jamaica Jammin’, as well as the L-S speech and debate team; as a member of the Garden Club, she’s one of the people making Sudbury even more beautiful.

Her many years of leadership in the Friends of the Goodnow Library have brought many programs, activities, and facilities to the library that could not have been funded with tax dollars, and that wouldn’t have happened without the Friends’ dedicated volunteers.

A town’s library, at least as much as any other institution, shows the town’s values and priorities. Alice is running to help make Goodnow even better — better programs, more community engagement, and better use of the unique resources provided by both the Goodnow Library Foundation and by the Friends. I look forward to seeing her contributions in this new role.

—Tim Anderson, Sudbury

Alice Levine for Goodnow Library Trustee

Meeting Alice Levine…..

With signage decorating Sudbury yards, it’s clear that election season is upon us. My yard wears such a sign or two as well. However, beyond agreeing to host a candidate’s sign I find myself rolling back the years to when I first met Alice Levine.
Our connection was the Goodnow Library, but it seemed that Alice was almost everywhere. Jamaica Jammin’ at LS, there was Alice; Goodnow Book & Bake Sale, again, Alice; Daffodils in town, yes, Alice; and Friends of the Goodnow Library, of course, Alice. She hauled books, baked cookies, planted bulbs, and found dollars for Goodnow’s Children’s programming. If you have lived in Sudbury for even a bit, there are few town activities or enrichments that do not wear a touch from Alice. What amazed me most was not what she accomplished, but the way in way in which she turned challenges into achievements. She always listened, she found innovative solutions, respected ideas, and did it all with a smile. She brought people and ideas together to make things happen, often rolling up her own sleeves to see a project to completion.
In viewing the recent League of Women Voters Forum, I was especially interested in responses regarding the renewed relationship of the Goodnow Friends to the Library. Candidates indicated that there was indeed an interest in bringing the Friends back to the Library. It is this goal that strikes a positive and hopeful note for the Sudbury community as Goodnow goes forward.
Alice has played an active role in sustaining the identity of the Friends ever since ties had been severed by the Trustees. She has done this not only because of her own commitment, but because of community calls and conversations that reached out to her. She once again she has brought people together by announcing her candidacy for Goodnow Trustee.
Driving through Sudbury I notice her signs. They appear in a variety of neighborhoods and I am reminded of her cheerful inclusiveness. With her “we, not me” approach, she will be a committed and unifying addition to the Goodnow Trustees.

Barbara Gariepy Old Lancaster Rd. Sudbury

Elect Alice Levine Goodnow Library Trustee

The Friends of the Goodnow Library has been a mainstay for the support of the Goodnow Library for many years, but like any institution that is proud of its past, it needed new leadership to prepare it for the future. Alice Levine was that person. During her tenure as President, the Friends enhanced community awareness of their work, created a structured budgeting process, standardized systems, and processes for running book sales, events and programs, and developed priorities to ensure that community interests were supported at the library. The Friends encouraged the community to engage with the library, through both participation in library activities and volunteer services.

During the year since the Trustees sadly severed relations with the Friends for reasons that made no sense at the time and still don’t, Alice has held the Friends together with the aim of reengaging with the library as the Board of Trustees turns over. The Friends continue to fund programming to benefit our community and have been extraordinarily generous in their distribution of used books to a wide range of community groups and institutions. Regardless of how this election turns out, half of the Board of Trustees that voted against the Friends will have been replaced, and I thank Alice for her leadership that will bring the Friends back to the library.

This was not an unusual challenge for Alice. She has been active in many community groups over her 40 years of Sudbury residency, taking leadership roles in most of them. She brought innovative ideas to those groups and to our town, not least of which was the establishment of the Lincoln Sudbury Speech and Debate Team and the Senior Safe Night for L.S. graduation that we call Jamaica Jammin’. These were start-up projects initiated by Alice that turned into mainstream activities at L.S.

Now, Alice wants to bring her leadership skills and community service experience to the Board of Trustees of the Goodnow Library. The Board of Trustees needs her innovative ideas to ensure that the library’s primary focus is meeting the needs of our community . I believe Alice is the right person for this role today. I will be voting for Alice for Goodnow Library Trustee in the March 28 Town Election. I hope you will as well.

Carmine Gentile
Sudbury, MA 01776

Greetings Sudbury Neighbors-

I would like to share with you why I am support Alice Levine for Goodnow Library Trustee.

Alice and I have worked together thru The Thursday Garden Club of Sudbury for more than 15 years. Alice has been the Thursday Garden Club President or Co-President 3 times since 2003. She has excellent leadership skills. Alice can conduct meetings, present ideas, and then allow the members to take those creative ideas and make them flourish to benefit the club.

Alice has always played a chair position in our club’s fund-raising event. From creating the program to advertising slogans to baking cookies for the event.

Alice has chaired Programs- selecting programs that folks in town would enjoy hearing. Alice has an ear to the community and listens to their desires.

Alice has a highly creative side to herself and brings that creativity to attract folks to participate in the event and bring their friends along.

Alice can bring folks together- As you may know Alice is the Chair for the Friends of Goodnow Library. Right now, Goodnow Library and Friends of Goodnow Library have different opinions. Alice is running for Trustees to bring these organizations back together and find common ground. So, they can work together and make Goodnow Library a place in town folks’ treasure.

Please join me an endorse – Alice Levine for Goodnow Library Trustee.

Thank you.

Joy DiMaggio Old Framingham Rd, Sudbury, MA